EF Works offers repairs, refurbishment, field service, installation/de-installation, training, equipment appraisal and software support. These are available as Ad-hoc service or Annual service contracts. We work with a global customer base and offers a variety of service options.

< Repairs >

Most of our repairs are done in-house with a small proportion carried out with our long-term partners in the US or Europe. Our repairs are backed with a minimum 30 days warranty. All jobs can be arranged with a phone call. Call for a RMA number and details.

< Refurbishment >

We offer functional and cosmetic refurbishment for various tester/prober platforms.
This also includes options upgrades.

< Field Service >

We have a team of factory trained engineers to perform a variety of service jobs.
Be it equipment repairs, installation or de-installation.

< Training >

EF Works offers maintenance training for various tester platforms. Contact us for details. Training can be arranged in our factory or onsite.

< Equipment Appraisal >

If you are buying a pre-owned equipment either through EF Works or other companies, we offer a appraisal service where we can give you an assessment of the Equipment that you are buying.We will assess the cosmetic as well as functionality (if it is within our expertise and the equipment is still powered up) of the equipment. Photos of equipment, boards, cables etc will be provided as well as current checkers and diagnostics printouts.

< Ad-Hoc Service >

We respond to all service requests promptly.
Call us or email to get a quotation or a RMA number.

< Service Contract >

EF Works offers cost-effective annual full service contract for parts and maintenance.
All contract customers will enjoy reduced field service rates and discounted parts purchase.

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